Thursday, January 29, 2009

getting started

I must admit that I am reticent to begin. I have been resisting the advances of blogosphere for quite a while. I do remember a time when blogs (nee online journals) were something technophobes couldn't even approach. It was a day before 2.0. when you actually HAD to know code to post anything online. Before fancy forms made it easier, the every man's virtual microphone. my sister kept one. My friend kept one. And some random guy in town "The Gus" kept one. Of the three, the only one I felt comfortable reading was the Gus'. Why? Because they more closely resembled their parent the journal. They were semi-personal diaries boldly posted to the public. They were more rooted in local phenomena than global. They didn't make you famous - or maybe infamous? I mean, who would Perez Hilton be without his blog, right?

And now the time has come. I am casting off my doubts and leaving behind my nay-sayer self. The time has come to blog!

What has turned me around? Learning 2.0 and the the Lifelong Learning program. How? Well, it stands for all I believe in: never stop learning. Let me explain. In the past two months I learned new knit patters because why would I stick with just the old ones when there's so much more out there? I have learned to bake bread. My loaves turned out flat and weird at first but now they are consistently correct. And the biggest of all, I have gone back to school to learn about Library and Information Science. To ultimately have a career that holds Lifelong Learning at its core. So, why not blog and participate in the Learning 2.0 project? There's so much out there to discover and learn.

Here I go - and hold on tight because I'm hitting the web running!

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